Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend Report

Well, no shop time again this weekend, but I can say that we are done with the Wainscot project! This concludes the home improvement projects I will be working on for a little while, which means I can make it back to the shop. Check out the video tour of the completed project below... Next weekend is my Daughters first birthday so I will be taking a break from all things woodworking, no weekend report next Monday.


  1. That turned out great, David. I've really just been phoning in my home projects as of late. I have zero love for them anymore. I just want to get the few shop pieces I need done and build another piece of furniture.

  2. Thank Vic, I hear you, we are starting a kitchen "remodel" more of a face lift in Sept and I will be subing out a majority of that work! to few weekends in the year not to. Will be building an island though.